Facial Treatment

Mei Zi Beauty Salon offers a variety of facial treatments. If you’re itching to book an appointment but hesitating where to go. Stick with us, we’ll probably help you out. Facial help prevent and treat skin problems like acne, pimples, oily skin, black heads / white heads, wrinkles and freckles, etc. Facial can actually help with these and many other ailments resulting to rejuvenation, proper hydration, glowing complexion, fewer breakouts and firmer skin. Facial are relaxing and good for you, and it’ll be better if you invest in a good quality facial treatments to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Face Threading

meizifacialThe best way to remove facial unwanted hairs is face threading. Facial hairs are removed carefully with the help and use of thread resulting to a smooth and flawless skin. With the help of our highly-skilled professionals, we always guarantee that it is done right because if not it will lead the hair follicles to break and rapid growth of hair.

Ear Candling

earcandlingEar candling with the use of ear candles is known to be a treatment that removes earwax and toxins resulting to treating ear aches and other ear discomforts. It is considered as well as holistic approach to clean out your ear to help prevent future problems. You may try ear candling at home but it is best suggested to do it with the help of the experts. In Mei Zi Beauty Salon, we make sure that this treatment is done in gentle and safest way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and so to avoid ear discomforts too.