Jyunka Extreme Hydrant Serum

Hydrate. Glisten. Freshen


Product Description

Hydration is the most important element to life. Tiredness, aging and even sensitivity are often magnified due to insufficient moisture. Hydration loss to the environment, insufficient sleep and insufficient protection can all lead to a negative skin environment.

Extreme Hydrant Serum immerses your skin in an aqueous environment and locking the moisture in the upper epidermis to ensure optimal cellular activity. A special Visco-Elastic Complex using high molecular weight wheat proteins, provides a gentle nourishment, a protective layer, tightens facial pores and improves skin firmness.

How to Use

  • After thorough cleansing, apply suitable amount to the face and neck. Use the serum twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. Best used with hydrating cream.