Jyunka Ultra Defence UV Pro SPF 50

Protect . Pure. Freshen


Product Description

As a protective layer on the surface, this Nano UV SPF 50 is the ultimate defence for your skin. Distinguished from the usual is the science behind how the Nano-sized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are held together over the contours of your skin. Using a more solid emollient allows a thinner and lighter layer of the cream, without causing asphyxiation, clogging of pores or lose of any coverage. Shielding your delicate skin against damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

This protective cream has an added value of a tint to provide a greater evenness of skin tone. The nature of the Nano particles in the cream also befits skin of various conditions, including sensitive skin. Smooth and fuss-free, the Ultra Defence is the perfect broad-spectrum protection that safeguards your skin gracefully.

How to Use

  • Firstly, apply one to two pumps and spread it out evenly on both palms. Transfer the Ultra Defence onto the different areas of your face and spread the cream in similar motion and amount, across the surface, including your hairline, eyes and neck. Use after necessary lotion, serum and/or cream.