Jyunka Boto Caviar Serum

Enrich. Empower. Encapsulate



Light in texture but powerful in penetration, the Boto Caviar Serum aspires to bring out the youthful side of your skin.

The anti-wrinkle hexapeptide component possesses Botox-like features, for your muscles’ relaxation. Its counterpart, the Acacia Collagen, softens the skin and keeps it form chapping, allowing greater collagen production by the fibroblast.

Putting together the right combination of pure ingredients, it is a true elixir of youth in the palm of your hands.

How to Use

  • Apply morning and/or night before day or night cream after M+Fluid. After 30 days of twice-a-day applications, the depth of wrinkles decreases an average of 27%

Aceytl Hexapeptide-8
A powerful anti-wrinkle hexapeptide used via a topical application to induce muscle relaxation.

Acacia Collagen
Extracted from the Acacia Senegal tree, the collagen softens and retains moisture on the skin, reducing dryness or skin chapping; and at the same time, inducing greater collagen production by the fibroblast.

Every mother fish draws on a portion of their fish roe to construct and re-develop their vital organs. Applied on skin, caviar helps to stimulate and regenerate the skin’s cellular structure.

Sodium Hyaluronate
A smaller and stronger version of the Hyaluronate Acid chain that exists naturally in the skin, this super Hyaluronate retains large amounts of moisture and protects the skin from bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays.